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Experiences that integrate ancestral medicine, sound and movement,

to expand you in joy, and

empower your unique expression. 


Ceremonies, workshops,

retreats, and trainings.

"Experience the Art of Being"


Ceremony Facilitation Training

Deeply internalize the personal and ceremonial process with cacao, learning valuable tools for your life and to facilitate these spaces for other people.

 7+ years of experience facilitating 200+ ceremonies in 8 countries.

Dancing Mudra

Part of Mahadevi Mandala
(Yoga, Tantra, Dance)

Meditations with moving mudra (hand postures) that activate energy channels in the body and the essences of tantric archetypes from Hindu mythology.


Healing Circles with Plant Medicine, Music & Dance


The being comes into joy when it expresses its unique truth. By communicating with your interior and listening to the yearning of the soul; it states its mission. When humanity allows itself to BE in honesty, freedom, empathy and love; harmony is co-created on the planet. When we all manifests his and her truth, WE ARE diversity. Thus, we complement each other as a WHOLE, like the colors of the rainbow which fills us with hope and awe with its beauty .

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