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Innocent Heart 
Psilocybe, Cacao, Rapé and Sananga

This ceremony is a deep process of reconnection with nature, the reunion with our inner child, a space of freedom, play, innocence, forgiveness, gratitude and love.

Made in a natural and open space to be in direct contact with mother nature, it is accompanied by medicine music, and the ritual process of energy containment.

Personalized holy children's drink (psilocybe mushrooms), a cup of cacao, and optionally rape and sananga are offered.

Approximate duration 6 hours.

Holy Children / Teonanacatl

Psilocybe mushrooms

Mushrooms have been ingested since the beginning of time in a ritual way to access deep knowledge of the earth and life. Today, the transformative power in the human psyche is valued, capable of making deep and permanent changes in entrenched mental structures, changing patterns such as depression and anxiety among others. They remind us of the purest essence of existence, the acceptance of death and transformation, and awe at the gift of life. Depending on the experience of the person and their body weight, the dose is adjusted so that the process is as smooth and harmonious as possible. See recommendations below.

Cacao Theobroma

Food of the Gods

Sacred seed with invigorating properties for the cardiovascular system, used ritually to open the heart to love. In synergy with the holy children, they allow you to transform any difficult event or blockage with forgiveness and love. A slightly smaller dose is taken than that of a exclusive cacao ceremony. It is known as "The Medicine of the Heart".


The Medicine of Now

A preparation of finely ground, roasted tobacco mixed with other herbs and bark or root ashes. It is blown through the nose, opening and disinfecting paranasal passages due to the antibiotic action of tobacco. They call it the "medicine of the now" because it allows you to focus your mind and clarify your thoughts. Optionally offered at the beggining.


Clarifying the Vision

Extract from an Amazonian shrub called "Mate Heins" in the Huni Kuin language. Its main function is to sharpen perception, cleaning the eyes.  Indicated in cases of diseases such as: Glaucoma, cataracts, myopia and hyperopia, dystrophies, color alterations, among others. It acts at a spiritual and energetic level to repair our "world view". Optionally offered at startup.


Making a previous preparation is of the utmost importance to have the most fluid and harmonious experience possible.

*Avoid meat, dairy, alcohol, drugs, sugars and other processed foods, as well as sexual intercourse at least 72 hours in advance.

*Notify of all medications (especially psychiatric) that are being taken. Some might have contraindications.

*Carry out a prior mental preparation, calmly, searching within yourself for an intention to carry out this process.

*Bring what you need to be comfortable (blanket, pillow, bottle to refill water.

*Bring fruits, nuts or some light food to share at the end.

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