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Training for Sound Therapists

Learn to use bowls and sound for self-healing and get started as a Sound Therapist

Sound and vibration, as inescapable components of creation and of our own organism, have been used for millennia as the basis of traditional and energetic medicine .

Tibetan bowls as instruments for this purpose are quite useful, since they maintain a constant vibration for long periods of time, which allows the body to assimilate these frequencies and resonate with them, thus "tuning" itself and achieving a harmony that is experienced as relaxation. physical, mental peace, and in some cases unlocking acute or even chronic processes of discomfort.


  • Background and history of bowls

  • Types/classification of bowls.

  • Mallets/rods/drumsticks. Types and uses

  • Understanding the acoustics (harmonics) of bowls.

  • basic care

  • Experimental and non-traditional sound techniques.  

  • Foundations of Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound)

  • Personal uses and for meditation with vocalization and visualization.

  • Basis of the use of mantras

  • Theory about the energetic body and the impact of sonotherapy on it.

  • Various therapeutic uses of Tibetan bowls (Eastern and Western):

    • How to prepare and close a therapeutic space

    • Alignment and balancing of chakras with sound (techniques with 4 and 7 bowls).

    • Sound massage techniques with bowls.

    • Tibetan/Bon shamanic techniques for energy release.

    • Techniques with and in water.

  • Meaning and basic use of Tingsha.

  • Meaning and basic use of Vajra/Ghanta (Tibetan bell and dorje).

  • How to choose your bowls and create your own set for therapy and personal use.


-Use one or several bowls for different purposes

-Create your own practice and therapy for yourself

-Carry out individual therapies to third parties.

-Offer collective concerts.

-Integrate sound into your life as a means of healing.


(Sound therapist and Certified Nada Yoga Instructor)

Having started his musical journey in 2007 with experimental music that seeks to awaken consciousness, he has always felt a great attraction towards healing processes and world music, which led him to start studies in sound therapy, music therapy and healing sounds since 2010. , researching, reading, and taking face-to-face courses in Mexico with teachers like Sergio Martinez (Sound Yoga) and Daniel Ballesteros (Sound Medicine). In 2016 he traveled to Nepal to train with Shree Krishna Shahi at the Swayambhunath temple, who continues a lineage of Tibetan sono-healers. In 2019 he traveled to India to be certified as a 200hr Nada Yoga instructor at the NadYoga School in Rishikesh. He currently teaches workshops and participates musically in retreats and events around the world.

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