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Detox Retreat in Autumn Equinox

September 16-18

Entrance 12 pm on Friday

Departure from 12 pm del  Domingo 


We invite you to co-create this space in which we prepare ourselves with various medicines from nature to receive the Autumn Equinox. Our intention is to reset our system to remember how to be in the presence of our physical, mental-emotional and energetic bodies. We detoxify ourselves from obsessive, dense and limiting thoughts; to open space to the fluidity, harmony and freedom that we can be.




Juice therapy 

Blooming Word Circle 

Conscious Eating 


Campfire / Dinner



Juice therapy

Innocent Heart Ceremony

Conscious Eating 

Art & Dawn Experience



Tea Ceremony 

"Eyes of God" Workshop



We share freshly made juices, loaded with nutrients and flavor, designed to optimize your body, mind and spirit. 



We focus our intention to create a powerful experience from the beginning, optionally receiving the medicines of rapé and mambe. We share our processes on the path of self-knowledge and we reflect on others, learning from the perspectives of each being. This way of sharing the word allows us to open ourselves up to really listen and be listened to clarify what we seek to let go of or empower.



Let food be your medicine.. The hacienda's nourishing cuisine is famous for its culinary pampering and fresh ingredients. Includes lunch and dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, fruit and juice bar.



The traditional steam bath helps us to purify the body and lighten the mind. Ritual and chants focus our attention and empower our intention. Medicinal herbs together help to tone and purify our organs. In the end, we are born again from this womb of the earth with greater clarity and lightness.



The fusion of Psylocibin and Cacao have accompanied us since the beginning of time in a ritual way to access the deep knowledge of the earth and life. Today, this transformative power of the human psyche is valued, capable of making deep and permanent changes in deep-rooted mental structures, changing patterns such as depression and anxiety, among others, from the direct connection from the heart of the earth to our heart. They remind us of the purest essence of existence, the acceptance of death and transformation, and awe at the gift of life. Breathing in the presence of live medical music, sound therapy, copal, forest and beauty. 



Expand your creativity. Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Sierra Madre. Explore your imagination through art. Flow in your body with live DJs.  4.20 friendly. 



As we wake up on Sunday, we will share Puerh Tea, an invigorating tea from Yunnan, China that is slowly fermented and cured for special flavors and benefits. Cleanser, provides lucidity and supports the metabolism. The GongFu Cha ceremony invites us to be present, to enjoy the small details and to connect with the 5 elements of nature. 


Workshop  EYES OF GOD

While we drink tea, you can make an eye of god (from the Wixarika/Huichol culture). We weave with threads, capturing with colors the intentions and prayers that we take home, or offer to the wishing tree.


Full Dorm Experience




Friday Saturday

Blooming Word Circle, Temazcal and Innocent Heart Ceremony




Saturday Sunday

Art & Dawn, Tea Ceremony, Workshop "Eyes of God"



*You can ask x camping possibilities*

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