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Sessions (face-to-face and online)

Give yourself Love. A moment with you and for you.

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energy healing

In a Reiki session, life energy is channeled into the patient's energy lines and centers. The main sensation is one of relaxation, a deep meditation, light (frequency raising) and peace. Furthermore, Reiki removes blockages that may have been there for years, they may even be wounds that have been transmitted to us through our lineage and that by not being aware of them, we continue to repeat patterns of diseases and vicious cycles.

sound therapy

Harmonization through Sound

The Tibetan bowls and the Gong as instruments for healing are quite useful, since they maintain a constant vibration for long periods of time, which allows the body to assimilate these frequencies and resonate with them, thus "tuning" itself and achieving a harmony that is experience as physical relaxation, mental peace, and in some cases unblocking acute or even chronic processes of discomfort.

Thai massage

the sacred dance

It is an ancient healing technique used to awaken the spiritual flame and the internal therapist y to unblock stagnant energy. Rhythmic pressure is applied to certain energetic points and lines in the physical body, and yoga stretches are applied to manipulate muscles and joints. Thus the energy can be restored to its natural flow. 
It works on the emotional, energetic and physical bodies. It helps improve blood circulation, digestion, respiratory capacity, body posture, flexibility and release nervous tension.

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