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We welcome you with love at the Introduction Session to the next workshops of the Mahadevi Mandala system: Yoga + Dance  + Tantra + Music.

In this Oct-Nov cycle, we explore "Tantric Meditations" and "Dances of Mudras," each session inspired by a Hindu Tantric archetype and intended to connect with the different facets of our Creative Being.


Schedule our appointment on your calendar, this Saturday Oct 3 at 5pm.

Password: 888999


*This session will be recorded so that you can receive it at the time that best suits you, plus the question and answer session will be only live*

We start full workshops el  Oct 19.

Tantric Meditations will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 8 to 9:30 pm.

Mudra Dances will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from  8 to 8:45 am.

This is a deeply transformative process of 6 weeks, where you will be able to connect with your Creative essence; from unlocking the limitations that you can identify, to activating that potential that had been hidden until now...

The sessions will be recorded and available to you, until Dec 11, 2020.

You have until Oct 17 to sign up!

I share with you that these workshops include:


"Tantric Meditations"
-Tantric mythology of 12 archetypes-
-Ritual Meditation-
-Interiorization Practices-

"Dances of Mudras"

-Meditation with more than 40 different mudras-

-Integration of Mudras in a dance-

-Dance of mudras with mantra-


0. Mahadevi: Infinite Possibilities

1. Durga: Inner Strength

2. Lakshmi: Flow of Abundance

3. Kali: Radical Transformation

4. Parvati: Integration of Duality

5. Saraswati: Expression with Wisdom

6. Sita: Mystic Devotion

7. Dhumavati:: Unveil Illusion

8. Radha: Romantic Longing

9. Chinnamasta: Self-Transcendence

10. Lalita Tripura Sundari: Erotic Spirituality

11. Bhuvaneshwari: Expansive Grace

Through these meditations you will be able to:

-know the different facets of your creative essence
-study Hindu mythology
-accept your diversity
-balance your internal elements
-Expand yourself to your potential
-heal repressions, sorrows, victimhood, low self-esteem, difficulty expressing, self-sabotage and guilt.
-balance internal elements
-experience diverse sensations in joy
-deeply accept sensuality (perceive through the senses)
-conscious and clear listening between the physical body, the heart and the mind
-transcendence of limiting beliefs and patterns in gentle and powerfully transformative ways

--------Any questions or comments, feel free to write to us at

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