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Mahadevi Mandala

System of Workshops that integrate Yoga, Tantric Archetypes and Art.

Mahadevi Mandala is yoga, art and healing tools that allow us to explore the creative center through the female archetypes of Hindu mythology.

The archetypes are powerful resources to understand the capacities of our own psyche, revealing spheres of consciousness that are beyond human understanding. They connect our individual mind with the collective mind, finding that there are sacred powers within each being.

We allow ourselves to integrate the creative qualities of each archetype to detach ourselves from the beliefs that prevent us from expressing it freely and strengthen those qualities that impel us to manifest ourselves in

To awaken this potential, we create a specific environment and art for each archetype to work on; from the subtle body to the physical body we awaken its essence within us.


Each chapter consists of:
 Introduction to the archetype, the tantric story of the Goddess is told to meet her.
Meditation to internalize how this archetype manifests itself in our daily lives.
Danzasana class to connect the physical body with the energetic one.
Sequence of moving mudras to integrate your message.

Chant of his mantra to invoke his presence at the center of the circle.
Dance sequence to embody the Goddess and her essence.
Danzawa: tantric dance method to freely express what we integrate.
Final Circle to share experiences. Gratitude to the energy of the Goddess.


*The music and sequences used are original creations of the guides to tune in with each specific archetype.
*The course is given in the form of a ceremony, giving us the opportunity to learn Bhakti  Yoga and connect with our ancestral Mexican roots at the same time.

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