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About us

michelle mayoora, spiritual dancer, cacao ceremony facilitator, tantric yogini
Carlos Mundalah, music producer, soundtherapy, ancient medicine, medicine music.

Michelle Mayoora

Spiritual Dancer

Carlos Mundalah

Medicine Musician

Flowing in harmony with the constant internal and external movement. She enjoys sharing art and connection to Divinity, Gaia and our own Hearts,  through different methods that she has been developing based on ancient tools that are applied to today's needs. Reiki Master (Japanese, Egyptian and Angelic), Certified Teacher at Yoga and Thai Massage, Red Tantra Practitioner, 11 years learning Mexican and diverse Ancestral Traditions, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, passionate teacher and student.

 Loves to design ceremonies and rituals for special occasions.

Creator of Danzawa Method (the dance of internal waters), Mahadevi Mandala (Yoga meets Dance through Tantric Goddesses Archetypes). 

Co-creator of Cacao Ceremonies with Medicine Live Music and Danzawa Method, ExpansivArt (Ceremony Facilitation Training).

A life in constant exploration of the connection between different traditions and medicines. Composer, producer, sound therapist, singer, and engineer, with a deep belief of the healing powers of music and vibration.. Mexican dancer, herbal scholar, nada yogi, cacao expert, sweat lodge facilitator and tireless traveler who has been initiated into various Native American practices as well as Eastern. He has facilitated trainings and ceremonies in Mexico, UK, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Ireland, USA, Germany and Denmark.

The Path

Mayoora and Mundalah connect in front of the fire, between the song of the forest and the icy waters of the mountain. Choosing to further explore this connection, they visit the hot springs in the desert. Here, an intuitive underwater dance is born, which that same night continued to flow on land, under the stars.


They begin to practice tantra, breathing, visualization exercises and discover the potential for alchemy that exists in duality. Mayoora joins the Mexica dance group to which Mundalah belonged, visiting together the wixarika communities, and both strengthen their path in the Mexican tradition by attending ceremonial vigils all over Mexico and learning about power plants.


Mayoora, with the sea on her skin after living and studying dance in Mazatlán, begins to share the Danzawa (dance of internal waters)  and Individual Sessions and Initiations in different styles of Reiki. 


When Mundalah travels to India for the first time in 2016 to share music, dance and a temazcal, they decide to meet in Nepal where he studies soundtherapy, creating a strong bond with the traditions of the Himalayas, which they will visit again 6 years later as a family. With powerful codes collected in the mountains of Asia, upon returning, they share for the first time a meditation for couples with sound and movement. A month later, integrating Mundalah's years of experience with cacao in XocOrganic, it becomes a Sensory Experience: a Circle with Cacao, Music and Dance. 


Mayoora begins to passionately study tantra, yoga, dance, mudra, and Hindu mythology, and incubates a workshop system called Mahadevi Mandala; which to this day continues to be transformed and potentiated with the intention of integrating the feminine and masculine creatively, in harmony, in humanity.


Little by little they begin to tour the country, and in 2019 they venture to Asia, to facilitate together abroad, performing ceremonies in Thailand and Indonesia. 

When the Pandemic arrives, Mundalah is stranded in India. Upon hearing the call to bring cacao to many hearts without being able to travel, they open up to share their knowledge and experiences for others to facilitate, creating "ExpansivArt": Training for Ceremony Facilitators.


A few years later, Arum is born, a great sun that comes to revolutionize and expand their lives. Within this inspiration, a few months later they choose to co-create "Nido Encanto", a space to reconnect with the Earth through reforestation, planting and retreats connected with art and ancestral medicine. 


In 2023 they jump into the abyss and make their first European tour, connecting with the magical Alps and hundreds of souls by facilitating 9 ceremonies in 4 different countries. 


After almost 10 years walking together and facilitating 270 ceremonies, they continue to integrate inside and out, learning and sharing new tools, instruments, methods and ways to reconnect with the authentic essence that we are, dancing in the Art of Being.

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