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*English and Spanish are interspersed throughout the different sections* 


It is of profound importance to connect with our body, establish ourselves in full presence, learn to nurture ourselves and listen to the messages that our body seeks to give us. Our body is a reflection of the Earth, it is a little piece of it. So when connecting with our body,  we are also connecting with it. By listening to him, honoring him, respecting him and paying attention to him; we are also learning to honor and respect the messages that our home, planet Earth, gives us. We believe that only in this way can we find true balance, harmony and love as humanity. 













In this Method, we explore different meditations with and without movement that this method created by Michelle Mayoora offers us. This method arises when Michelle is willing to experiment, explore and integrate her life studies in different dance and healing techniques. 


The intention of Danzawa is to connect with the essence of our liquid body, to remember that we are made of water and that the Moon, emotions and our relationships are constantly influencing this flow.

After 7 years of sharing this method in group experiences, in different parts of Mexico and the world; We adjust this method to individual experiences, where each one from their space will be able to connect with their liquid body, and from here, connect with the sensation of Unity that arises when experiencing our expression in consciousness and freedom. 

By subscribing you will be receiving every Thursday, a Danzawa session to your email.

The sessions will be diverse:

*Reiki exercises

* Tantric Practices

*free flow

* Sensitive body meditation

All the sessions stay with you so that you can practice them whenever you want and as many times as you choose. 


+Emotional fluidity

+ Lightness in the physical body

+Gentleness and softness in the heart

+Flexibility and mental rest

+ Feeling of gratitude and freedom

+Transcend shame, self-judgment and self-punishment

+Deep states of self love

Have you noticed that it is difficult for you to let go of control? Have you felt stuck with yourself or with your relationships? Do you have the idea that you don't have rhythm or you don't know how to dance, but your body asks you to? Do you feel depressed, confused, frustrated or helpless? Have you longed for a moment just for you, where you can connect with your body, essence and heart?  


So... This method is for you!!! 

These sessions are for you if:

-You think you don't know how to dance
-You would like to find your organic/authentic dance
-You are embarrassed to move freely
-You would like to connect more with your body
-You feel tension or stiffness in your body
-You already dance and would like to integrate spirituality into your practice
Have you noticed repressed emotions?
-You enjoy moving your body and it would be useful to integrate more tools
-You feel stuck in your relationships
-You would like to dance through listening   to your intuition

Este método surge cuando Michelle se dispone a experimentar, explorar e integrar sus estudios de vida en distintas técnicas de danza y de sanación. 


La intención de Danzawa, es conectar con la esencia de nuestro cuerpo líquido, recordar que estamos hechos de agua y que la Luna, las emociones y nuestras relaciones están constantemente influenciando este fluir.

Después de varios años de estar compartiendo este método en experiencias grupales, ajustamos este método a experiencias individuales, donde cada quien desde su espacio podrá conectar con su cuerpo líquido, y desde aquí, conectar con la sensación de Unidad que surge al experimentar nuestra expresión en consciencia y libertad. 

*Próximamente el curso en línea*


+Fluidez emocional

+Ligereza en el cuerpo físico

+Gentileza y suavidad en el corazón

+Flexibilidad y descanso mental

+Sensación de gratitud y libertad

+Trascender la vergüenza, auto juicio y autocastigo

+Estados profundos de auto amor

¿Has notado que te cuesta trabajo soltar el control? ¿Te has sentido en estancamiento contigo mismx o con tus relaciones? ¿Tienes la idea de que no tienes ritmo o no sabes danzar, más tu cuerpo te lo pide? ¿Sientes depresión, confusión, frustración o impotencia? ¿Has anhelado un momento solo para ti, donde conectar con tu cuerpo, esencia y corazón?  

Entonces... ¡¡¡Este método es para ti!!! 

Estas sesiones son para ti si:

-Crees que no sabes bailar
-Te gustaría encontrar tu danza orgánica/auténtica
-Te da pena moverte libremente
-Te gustaria conectar más con tu cuerpo
-Sientes tensión o rigidez en tu cuerpo
-Ya bailas y te gustaría integrar la espiritualidad en tu práctica
-Has notado emociones reprimidas
-Disfrutas mover tu cuerpo y te serviría integrar más herramientas
-Sientes estancamiento en tus relaciones
-Te gustaría danzar a través de la escucha a tu intuición

When in person:

Method where we start from the connection with our inner being to an encounter with the other beings that make up the circle. It consists of Dynamic Meditation, Tantra, Yoga, Dance and Reiki techniques to lead us in a harmonious flow from the awakening of internal waters to collective contact in healing.

The sessions are adapted to the intention that unifies the circle, energy of the day, lunar stage, season of the year, planetary alignments, group mood, etc. The elements that compose it are: Meditation to internalize some purpose, warming up the physical body based on Yoga and Contemporary Dance and Danzawa , which is usually done blindfolded, allowing other senses to awaken and contact others transcending expectations. and prejudices.

We create an intimate and trusting environment where the being can express himself freely, music accompanies the process of ease, connection and encounter with freedom. We tune into a frequency of purity and innocence, where our inner child unites with our sensual/aquatic/emotional body, allowing us to heal taboos, harmful patterns, repressions and limiting thoughts.

We find our authentic being, the one who does not judge, who is unconcerned about techniques and structures. This part of our being is far from conventional limitations such as guilt and allows itself to recognize other human beings as souls. This is possible when, during the course of the workshop or class, the energy is raised from the sexual chakra to the heart, throat and third eye through tantric techniques. We co-create a circle of high vibration, where beings meet again in their pure, playful and joyful state, returning to the essence of the liquid body.

Danzawa Method 

The Dance of Inner Waters

"Flow in harmony with your emotions and relationships"

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