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Experience your authentic essence

Healing Circle with Music and Dance

Cacao, sweet and powerful at the same time, is a subtle ancestral medicine that helps us open our hearts and heal them through forgiveness. Accompanied by deep meditation, sound therapy with different instruments, medicine songs, harmonization with aromas, conscious movement and dance, it allows us to release repression and emotional pain, to enjoy love and find our own expression.
With more than 120 ceremonies in Mexico and the world, we unite ancient tools with art, creating a complete experience, in a pleasant atmosphere conducive to personal growth.

Heal yourself with your hands

Reiki is a healing method that connects us with the universal source. The healer becomes a pure channel of light and by drawing the energy from the source into his body, passes energy to his own energy centers, or someone else's through the laying on of hands.
We all have the gift of feeling and flowing in Reiki. This gift is activated through initiations that raise our frequency by opening the channels and energy centers called chakras. By having an initiation that connects us with the lineage; we can guide this flow harmoniously with the whole. 
The Reiki path is a path that allows us to express impersonal and unconditional love.

Healing Relationships Through Movement

Healing Relationships Through Movement
Method where we start from the connection with our inner being to an encounter with the other beings that make up the circle. It consists of Dynamic Meditation, Tantra, Yoga, Dance and Reiki techniques to lead us in a harmonious flow from the awakening of internal waters to collective contact in healing.


Yoga, Tantra, Dance and Mantra

Mahadevi Mandala are yoga, art and healing tools that allow us to explore the creative center through the female archetypes of Hindu mythology.
The archetypes are powerful resources to understand the capabilities of our own psyche, revealing spheres of consciousness that are beyond human understanding, where there is great inner potential.
To develop this potential we create a specific environment and art for each archetype to work on; from the subtle body to the physical body we awaken its essence within us.

Flowing Yoga with Dance

Fusion of yoga asanas with contemporary dance movements. In a class that can last from 1 hour to 2 and a half hours; we warm up the body, we do vinyasas and mandalas to work on a specific intention. Whether we just want to reconnect with the body to end in deep relaxation or learn a sequence to flow releasing our free and unique expression.

Sound Yoga

Nada Yoga is one of the oldest branches of this ancient practice. Use sound and internal and external movement as a means of transcendence and personal growth. 


It includes:

  • Sonotherapy with Bowls, Gong and Sitar (live)

  • Vocalized Sun Salutations (different versions)

  • Raga Basis (Indian Classical Music)

  • Movement (kriya) and sound sequences 

  • Mantra chanting (vocalization)

  • Conscious breathing (Pranayama)

  • Yin Yoga (Passive Yoga)

  • Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga)

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