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Energy Healing

In a Reiki session, life energy is channeled into the patient's energy lines and centers. The main sensation is one of relaxation, a deep meditation, light (frequency raising) and peace. Furthermore, Reiki removes blockages that may have been there for years, they may even be wounds that have been transmitted to us through our lineage and that by not being aware of them, we continue to repeat patterns of diseases and vicious cycles. Entering a Reiki frequency allows us to go to this depth, release what is ready to go and have greater clarity from the expansion of our consciousness.
Among the abundant benefits of experiencing a reiki session is feeling lighter, remembering our true mission, forgiving, detaching ourselves from what is harmful, connecting with our interior, generating direct communication with our higher being, feeling the divine source support.
Each being experiences what their soul asks for through an intention that is specified before starting the session. Sometimes we are not ready to release or manifest this intention; From the constancy in the sessions we will be able to discover what is preventing us from reaching it and develop the necessary qualities to shine in our intention.

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