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Tue, 21 Nov



Dancing Mudra Workshop

Initiate on the language of your hands getting to know + than 50 mudra.

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Dancing Mudra Workshop
Dancing Mudra Workshop

Date and Time

21 Nov 2023, 18:30 – 20:00



"Initiate on the language of your hands”

Dancing Mudra is a fascinating art form that knows and mixes more than 50 symbolic gestures, fusing them into alchemical dances. These dances are harmoniously integrated with mantras, creating a deep spiritual experience. Featuring 12 sequences inspired by Hindu tantric archetypes, each live session is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the richness of tradition and creative expression.

Live Sessions:

Oct 18: Activating the power in my fingers

Oct 25: Mystic Origin of Mudra

Nov 1: Perceiving the world through my hands

Nov 8: Integrating Sound

=You can attend just the Live Sessions or immerse yourself in the Online School Experience, both carry different and complimentary information and practices=

Online School includes:

  • Pre-recorded HD classes
  • 12 original Dancing Mudra sequences
  • Downloadable audios
  • Integration Practices
  • Live Sessions
  • Chat Accompaniment
  • BONUS: Voice Activation Excercises 

Topics of the Dancing Mudra sequences in Online School:

  1.  Infinite Possibilities
  2. Inner Strength
  3. Abundance Flow
  4. Radical Transformation
  5. Integration of Duality
  6. Expression in Wisdom
  7. Mystical Devotion
  8. Illusion Unveiled
  9. Romantic Longing
  10. Self-Transcendence
  11. Erotic Spirituality
  12. Expanding Grace

Possible Effects:

  • Develop body memory
  • Ecstatic states of meditation
  • Channel your energy
  • Sense of the energetic body
  • Emotional release
  • Sense of integration
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improved posture and digestion
  • Enter higher states of consciousness


  • Balance elements/emotions
  • Restore the organic flow of your body
  • Create new connections in your brain
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Pain Relief
  • Adjustment of sleep patterns
  • Self-awareness
  • Mind- Body Connection 
  • Artistic Self - Expression

Join us in this journey into the power that has always been waiting for you to discover, acknowledge, appreciate, potencialize... in your own hands!


  • Full Initiation

    Live sessiones + unlimited access to online school

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  • Dive deep

    Live Sessions + 3 months access to online school

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  • Just a Powerful Taste

    Live Sessions

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    • US$130.00
  • Sneak Peak

    1st Live Session (you get to choose which one), and can add more if you wish to continue.

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