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Thu, 22 Oct



Mudra Dances

Meditations with Mudras that activate the inside, the essences of tantric archetypes of Hindu mythology. This workshop is part of the Mahadevi Mandala System: Yoga + Dance + Tantra + Music

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Mudra Dances
Mudra Dances

Date and Time

22 Oct 2020, 08:00 – 26 Nov 2020, 09:26




Mudra Dances is a 12-session workshop where we explore the essence of tantric archetypes from Hindu mythology. Each archetype as part of the Mahadevi Mandala System, teaches us a facet of the feminine energy that lives in men and women. The feminine is our Creativity, imagination and intuition. By exploring these qualities through the mudras that evoke their intent, we can activate each archetype within us. In this way, we find fullness, completeness and integration; releasing deep repression, self-deception, guilt, victimhood, shame and other feelings that arise from rejecting parts of our being that perhaps are not accepted by culture, society or our own prejudices and expectations._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Each session, we explore between 4 and 7 mudras, we know them, we meditate/breathe in them; and we integrate them in a dance together with their mantra. 


0. Mahadevi: Infinite Possibilities

1. Durga: Inner Strength

2. Lakshmi: Flow of Abundance

3. Kali: Radical Transformation

4. Parvati: Integration of Duality

5. Saraswati: Expression with Wisdom

6. Sita: Mystic Devotion

7. Dhumavati: Unveil Illusion

8. Radha: Romantic Longing

9. Chinnamasta: Self-Transcendence

10. Lalita Tripura Sundari: Erotic Spirituality

11. Bhuvaneshwari: Expansive Grace 

This is a space to activate our ability to play, to dance, to have fun; at the same time that we integrate ancestral tools of deep healing. 

In this 6-week process,   we will integrate the habit of meditating with mudras, while experiencing a joyous process of internal transformation.  

We share two options:

1. Take the online workshop,  where the sessions will be available until December 11. 

2. Take the online workshop and also purchase the recorded classes; the latter will be yours, to access them as many times as you want, whenever you want. 


*We recommend that you complement this process with the Tantric Meditations workshop, which will take place over the same 6 weeks, on Monday and Wednesday from 8 -9:30 pm. We invite you to explore the price of the event where you can enter both and feel the fullness of this experience.*


  • Online Workshop

    With this ticket, you will have access to the virtual sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 8:45 am, from Oct 20 to Nov 26.

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  • Online Workshop + RecordingsPro

    With this ticket, you will have access to the virtual workshop and professionally produced recordings indefinitely.

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  • Economical support

    We offer you a special price, if you are having economic difficulties and would like to invest in the expansion, healing and liberation of your being.

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  • support someone else

    We offer you this price so that with your abundant contribution, you can support someone else to take this workshop; which can support us to enter into greater abundance, prosperity, self-love and expansion of being. Thank you!

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  • recordings

    With this ticket, you can buy any price for the online workshop and also have the recordings for life.

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