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Mon, 19 Oct



Tantric Meditations

In this space we explore the essence of 12 tantric archetypes from Hindu mythology, to connect with our Creative potential. This workshop is part of the Mahadevi Mandala System: Yoga + Dance + Tantra + Music

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Tantric Meditations
Tantric Meditations

Date and Time

19 Oct 2020, 20:00 – 26 Nov 2020, 21:30




We will integrate different perspectives and facets of the feminine essence that inhabits men, women and the whole. Through the teachings that these archetypes offer us, we will be able to recognize which parts of our being we have repressed, which ones have been exaggerated, which ones we have not even recognized and which ones we can be grateful for. By being part of it, you will be able to resignify your unique and authentic essence, transcending the dual perspective of good and evil, tantra teaches us that light and darkness are a harmonious complement for humanity. 

Each session we will get to know a tantric archetype and we will integrate it through a tantric meditation. Enjoy the musical and body movement experience that each of these powerful practices has for you. 


0. Mahadevi: Infinite Possibilities

1. Durga: Inner Strength

2. Lakshmi: Flow of Abundance

3. Kali: Radical Transformation

4. Parvati: Integration of Duality

5. Saraswati: Expression with Wisdom

6. Sita: Mystic Devotion

7. Dhumavati: Unveil Illusion

8. Radha: Romantic Longing

9. Chinnamasta: Self-Transcendence

10. Lalita Tripura Sundari: Erotic Spirituality

11. Bhuvaneshwari: Expansive Grace

Feel accompanied during this process of love transformation, we will share sensations in a whatsapp group, question and answer sessions every 15 days, and together we will highlight the creative potential that we are. 

*We recommend you complement this process with the Mudra Dances that will be given these same 6 weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday from 8 - 8:45 am. We invite you to explore the price of the event where you can enter both and feel the fullness of this experience.*


  • Online Workshop

    By purchasing this ticket, you will have access to 12 live sessions of 1.5 hours, recordings that remain available until 11/Dec/2020 and a valuable experience of integration and expansion.

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  • Economical support

    We offer you a special price, if you are going through some economic difficulty and would like to invest in the expansion, freedom and healing of your being.

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  • support someone else

    We offer you this price, so that by sharing your abundance, you allow someone who may be having economic difficulties, to take the workshop in order to move forward in unity.

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