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"Inspiration" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Inspiration" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I express my Essence"

When we are afraid that someone else will be offended by expressing what we are or we forget that we have something valuable to share. 

It allows us to express our true nature with acceptance and certainty.

It invites us to boldly manifest our dreams and enter into our highest purpose to share it with the world. 


Contains doTerra essential oil of:

Peppermint: Supports us to easily express our opinions. 

wintergreen: let go of attachment to the opinions of others. 

Lavender: ease in communication that provides receptivity

Cypress: fluidity of spirit

Cardamom: mental clarity to recognize the importance of expressing yourself

Arborvitae: go with the flow of life in ease and grace

helichrysum: transforms being



Every time we go to share. Apply to the throat, inside of the elbows and up and down the breastbone.

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