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Resonar Sanando 
(Vocal Resonance Healing)

2 forms of Healing Chant:

* "Canto Medicina" - Expressive, to share in ceremony, community, by yourself or circle. Voice work and tools.

* "Harmonic Singing" - Meditative, Introspective with overtone singing techniques and bases of bioacoustics and harmonic resonance

Space for experimentation, learning, expression, and joy through the voice. 


In the first part of the workshop  we will expand by venturing into medicine music, its principles and its many variants (songs of author, group, participatory, channeled, etc), intentions, traditions and execution with different instruments. External, expressive, community aspect. Create your own song.


In the other part we will introspect exploring different resonances and discovering the singing of harmonics -overtones (khommei) with simple and super powerful exercises to heal with sound by reestablishing internal harmony using a drone like the Shruti Box and bowls. Internal, reflective, personal aspect. Create your harmonizing sound.



-----Medicine Song: To the heart of everything-----

*Stretching and body preparation (the vehicle)

*The importance of the voice in each Being and Community (Personal Identity and Collective Service).

*The intention of medicine music and recent global growth (The prayer)

* Neurological, physiological and psychological benefits of singing with intention.

* Medicine music around the world (humanity and sacred song)

*Vocal warm-up exercises (the instrument) 

*Song types 




*Collective sound geometries

*Choosing our instrument 

*Individual song transformation

*The moment of chanting (holding the energy)

*Channeling/improvisation exercises

*The three dimensions of the personal evolution of singing 

*Basic voice care

***We sing MANY songs from different traditions, with different intentions, rhythms, genres

-----Internal Resonance and Harmonic Singing----

*Bases of vibration, resonance and bioacoustics (The power of sound in the body).

*Yogic theory ('nada yoga') on the sacred sound.

*Understanding the OM/Aum physically, philosophically, mentally and vibrationally

*Finding your resonant starting point (comfortable base and range)

* Vocal game to find different resonances in your body.

*The series of harmonics and their connection to nature, the cosmos and our body ("the music of the stars")

*"Tracking" and recognizing harmonics in your voice (uoaeieaou). 

*Exercising the tongue (our natural filter) 

*The notes in Indian music and the great freedom and knowledge they offer us.

*Free exploration (your personal song)

**** Breathing exercises, sound vibration, vocalization and game!


Compendium of about 15 years of personal exploration and a lot of learning from different masters and singing traditions in North and South America and Asia. The last 9 years with a growing focus facilitating +130 spaces with medicine music. More than 110 songs on this path, self-produced and published.


For beginners and advanced, for musicians and non-musicians, from 10 years old. For healers, therapists, medicine people, educators, etc.

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