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Mon, 20 Sept


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Detachment Sessions

Sound, mudras and movement sessions that prepare the energetic body for the Autumn solstice. They invite us to purify, detach ourselves, let go and receive the harvest of everything previously sown.

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Detachment Sessions
Detachment Sessions

Date and Time

20 Sept 2021, 07:00 GMT-5 – 23 Sept 2021, 07:45 GMT-5

Private FB Group



It is important to connect with the rhythms of nature. Flowing as the seasons change allows us to pay attention to the holistic body to make the adjustments it requires as it tune in to a new season that brings a different climate, vegetation, water cycles, emotional environment and sensations. By consciously preparing our energy body for this change; we enter this new stage with grace, ease and joy. 

Autumn is the stage where nature slows down, provides abundant fruits to harvest and the trees shed their leaves to prepare a fertile loose for the following spring, while sending all the sap to the trunk in preparation for winter._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Just as in nature, it also happens in our bodies. The physical body prepares itself to receive more rain and colder temperatures, ideally changing the diet little by little. The mental body calms down and moves towards introspection and reflection. The emotional body asks to let go of what is no longer essential to make room for new seeds of intention and creation. The energy body increases your intuitive capacity; reinforcing the interior in preparation for the death that comes with winter and the rebirth that comes with spring. 

This stage is recognized as "the fullness of the year", referring to the time when we can reap the abundant harvest of what we previously sown with our intentions, actions, decrees and thoughts. 

By tuning in to nature as we go through this change of season; the invitation is to let go of relationships, objects and feelings without regret; so that by closing cycles, we give space to new sensations and experiences. In this way, we enter frequencies of gratitude towards the riches that the earth offers us, towards everything learned on the path of self-knowledge and the relationships that have given us so much nutrition. From this frequency, it is that we can bless each person, each detail and each adventure;  accessing states of emotional maturity and the possibility of elevating ourselves to the world of the spirit. 

 "Our existence is as transitory as autumn clouds" BUDDHA

Welcome to the Takeoff Sessions: Welcoming Autumn in Lightness!


  • Detachment Sessions

    With this ticket you will be able to enter the private FB group where the Sessions will be broadcast live at 7 am (Central Mexico time) and will be recorded indefinitely so that you have access to them as many times as you wish.

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