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Reiki initiations

Become your own healer

Reiki is a healing method that connects us with the universal source. The healer becomes a pure channel of light and by drawing the energy from the source into his body, passes energy to his own energy centers, or someone else's through the laying on of hands.

We all have the gift of feeling and flowing in Reiki. This gift is activated through initiations that raise our frequency by opening the channels and energy centers called chakras. By having an initiation that connects us with the lineage; we can guide this flow in harmony with the whole. 

The Reiki path is a path that allows us to express impersonal and unconditional love. 

Getting started in reiki means:

+ Open your channels to the light of consciousness, removing the blockages that prevent a harmonious flow of love in your body.

+Re-know yourself as a spiritual being living a human experience.
+ Allow new information to come to you to find the answers that your being has been looking for.

The benefits of this practice are plentiful:
* Internal self-healing forces are stimulated and awakened.
* The energy centers and circuits and the metabolic functions of the body are balanced
* Muscle tension and pain are relieved
* Repressed emotions are released, harmonizing in the process the psycho-affective sphere of the person
*Increases the energy level, providing physical and mental vitality, organic revitalization and rejuvenation of the entire body
* A state of deep relaxation, mental calm and serenity of spirit is produced
*Consciousness is developed and expanded through an intimate and progressive state of self-knowledge
*The deep causes of the discomfort of the body and mind are discovered, thus reaching the root of the disease, often located in the psycho-affective and existential dimension of the person.

* It is healed by being in its entirety, ideal and goal of holistic medicine.


Level 1 - SHODEN - Being our own guide

Level 2 - OKUDEN - Go deeper transcending time and space

Level 3 - SHINPIDEN - Go beyond the Self

Level 4 - GOKUIKAIDEN - Mastery

Soon available online

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