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Triad of Love

Your heart has come here. Give him a gift, a space, a listen.
Let your senses remind you of its strength.

Cocoa Masala

Prepare your cup of Cocoa following the instructions in the following video.

We remind you that it is valuable to set an intention before drinking this sacred elixir. You can put your cup in front of your chest and allow your heart to communicate its sincere intention to your cocoa. Breathe in the presence and listen to your inner being. Enjoy sharing!

Elixir Roll-On "Connection"

The mixture of oils in this roll-on invites us to connect, especially every time solitude comes to visit. It allows us to remember that we are part of a Gaia family to respectfully recognize the beings that make up our community. To receive the vulnerability of sharing ourselves; in joy, sincerity and love. 


This mixture supports the melting of shells and armor previously built around the heart, so that love can flow freely from the inside out and from the outside in. Feeling the confidence, security and discernment of knowing ourselves in self-love and self-care.



Cedro : remember the support that is the community.

Cassia : supports to recognize true beauty.

Wild Orange : invites you to feel the love and warmth of the people around you.

Grapefruit : Provides discernment.

Marjoram : breaks down the barriers that keep the heart closed, restoring the ability to trust. 

Ylang Ylang: heals the heart of past pain, remembering the kindness and love that people can be. Creates the desire to connect deeply with trusted beings. 



3 to 6 times a day. Apply to the heart, the inside of the wrists and the nape of the neck.

Gold Liquid

Handmade incense from Nepal

Breathe safely, inhale the natural essence of the flowers, resins, woods and herbs of the Himalayas. Free of carbon and additives. Prayed by Nepalese hands in an artisanal way. We invite you to ask about our variety of incense. 

Sing or choose your music

This playlist contains songs that we like to sing with cocoa

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