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"Beauty" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Beauty" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I feel the Magic that is Life"

When hope, the meaning of life, motivation or inspiration have been lost. It allows us to remember the magic of simplicity and the miracles that happen every day. It invites us to see life in beauty, letting go of worry.


Contains doTerra essential oil of:

Ylang Ylang:return to innocence and wonder.

Patchouli:integrates spirit and body, rooting and elevating to ecstasy.

Clary Sage:it provides an opening to experience spirituality.

Incense: lifts the spirit, leaving low frequencies behind. 

Cinnamon:provides passion and excitement.

Mint:remember the joy of living.

Cypress: welcome divine grace into the heart.

Lime: attracts gratitude towards the whole.

Bergamot:inspires to share the true essence.



Every time we wonder if magic exists. Apply to the inside of the wrists and elbows, around the navel and chest.

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