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"Certainty" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Certainty" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I choose consciously"

For paralysis by analysis, when it is difficult to choose, we remain in doubt or constantly contradict ourselves.

It allows us to listen clearly to our interior to recognize what we really want.

It invites us to choose feeling security, confidence, value and self-love.


Contains doTerra essential oil of:

Basil: releases the overwhelm that leads to indecision.

Pink grapefruit: guide to the choice that nourishes body, mind and spirit.

Lavender: access thoughts and desires that have never been expressed before. 

Thyme: brings repressed emotions to the surface, for greater clarity in what we feel.

wintergreen: free from the need for perfection.


Every time we want to choose, apply to the temples and the nape of the neck. Be careful not to get this mixture in your eyes.

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