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"Confidence" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Confidence" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I am"


For the empowerment of our unique and authentic essence. 

It allows us to feel invincible and believe that we can achieve anything. 

It invites us to recognize our talent, embrace the gift that we are and share ourselves with the world.


Contains doTerra essential oil of:

Cinnamon: connects with the internal force.

Peppermint:balance gracefully to convey confidence to others.

Wild Orange:supports us to perceive the possibilities that surround us.

Lemon:focuses on actions that contribute to the purpose of life.

Pink grapefruit:remember to prioritize our self-care.

Bergamot:embrace our wonderful essence.

siberian fir: break harmful patterns.



Every time you forget who you are. Apply to chest, inside of elbows and forearms, and nape.

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