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"Discernment" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Discernment" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I perceive duality"

For when we are overwhelmed by not being able to say no, or we are disrespecting ourselves by not being able to express what our truth dictates. 

It allows us  to discern between the many possibilities, clearly recognizing our limitations and also our capabilities. 

It invites us to filter from our true feelings, to be able to clearly express a NO and a YES whenever it is required. 


Contains doTerra essential oil of:


Black pepper: being able to identify which situations contribute to us and which ones do not

Nail: facility and assertiveness to express limits

Lavender: sincere communication

Eucalyptus: empowers to be able to verbalize what we really feel

Cilantro: honesty with oneself

Bergamot: Lighten up when you feel a lot of responsibility

Lime: motivates to discover the power of saying No and the freedom to say YES




Whenever limits are required. Apply to the nape of the neck, throat and the inside of the elbows.

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