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Epifania - The Other Me, Coming Home (mp3-HQ)

Epifania - The Other Me, Coming Home (mp3-HQ)

Epifanía's second album (Mundalah project), with 24 songs and more than 35 guest musicians. 



This is the voice of many, the voice of one, the voice of "The Other Me", the mirror of each human being when they come into contact with themselves and return to Being Human, thus "Returning Home", to the heart, to the root, to the earth, to the eternal light and darkness, remembering that we are as infinite as the universe, composed of him and he of us.
This school called life is so diverse and beautiful, so challenging and interesting. It is just an instant, and in that instant, the possibilities are incalculable. Through this journey we are always accompanied by death, emptiness, and only by being aware of that partner, having her close as a teacher, will living each day as the most valuable of gifts make sense. Congratulations, you are alive, you are alive. What will you do with this gift?

1. Somos Uno (Ft. Jaime Martinez-Solo Guitar, Chuy Soto-Sax)

2. Traditional Emotion (Ft. Jero Makuyeika, Stilo420 and Sophie Moon[Unity is Change])

3. Beauty (Ft. Yaneli Diarenia)

4. The step that transforms (Ft. Weroman, Natalia Slipak[VientoWirikuta],Stefan Berlanga-Bateria)

5. Tan Facil (Ft. Choko [RapdeLuz], Efe Treviño and Isaac Garza)

6. We Ascend (Ft. Chelito Garza Rios, Emilio Vargas-Sax)

7. Sana Cielo (Ft. David Iñiguez [Wind Wirikuta])

8. Existo (Ft. José Ce and Mel Arellano, Carlos Wilchis-Guitarra, Raul García-Bajo)

9. Brinca Siente (Ft. Choko[RapdeLuz], rmx by djVedant)

10. You are

11. Discernment (Ft. Didi Tlajtoaki [diDiok], Alejandro Chapa-Bajo)

12. Dharma (Ft. Muluk, Leo Pestana-Piano, Cuban Percussion, Frank Saenz-Bass)

13. Noosphere (Ft. Karla Cruise, Marakame Don Jesus)

14. Back (Ft. Alejandro Chapa-Bass, Zurodvani, Hernan Motta-Solo Gtr)

15. Moments

16. Liberation (Ft. Choko [Rapdelight], Zurodvani)



1. Walking (Rap of Light)

2. Tonanzin

3. Your Blood (ft. Marakame Huichol Don Jesus)

4. Mexhico Magico (ft. Cuauhtli Iyarieya, Victoria Felix)

5. Mayan Jungle

6. The Ball (Ft. Collective The Ball)

7. Depth (Instrumental)

8. Sunrise

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