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"Blossoming" Roll-on Essential Oils

"Blossoming" Roll-on Essential Oils

"I allow myself the expansion"

When a period of darkness has passed, recognition of our shadows, incubation or contraction.

It allows us to feel hope in our hearts and the possibility of something new.

It invites us to transition towards the light and flourishing of being. 


Contains doTerra essential oil of:

Geranium: invites you to trust that the light is coming.

Lavender: Relax to be able to receive the beauty.

Bergamot:It allows you to see the magnificence in the simple moments.

wild orange: amplifies the perception of flourishing around.

ylang-ylang: calm and heal from betrayal, opening the way to openness.

helichrysum: removes the pain of trauma, restoring trust in humanity. 

Mandarin: brings the sweetness of receiving.

Clary Sage: Provides a clear vision of the future, showing a bright path. 



Every time it requires support to germinate, sprout, be born, be reborn. Apply to the inside of the wrists, behind the ears and on the chest.

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