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Ceremony Facilitation Training


Next live course
Sept. 10th - Oct. 22nd

PRICE $11,000mxn  (~470gbp)
EARLY BIRD $8,923mxn (~381gbp) until July


1st Gen Student Testimonies

An immersive online experience that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to facilitate ceremonies, in a conscious and comprehensive way. We work mainly with Cacao, but you can make your own creation.

Bringing together 20 years of experience between Mayoora and Mundalah (the facilitators of this training) and 7 years of co-directing more than 150 experiences in Mexico and the world, serving more than 2,300 cups of Theobroma cacao. The ceremonial process integrates the work with the 7 directions and aspects of self.

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7 Live Ceremonies (2 hrs each, once per week).

13+ hours of recorded theory, practice and material.

Manuals for each topic covered. 

Joining community of facilitators around the world.

Medicine Songs recordings.

Medicine Song Book.

Free entrance to all future online Expansivart ceremonies!

Certificate of Completion.


Cacao - The Seed of Love and Connection with Life

Learn about the history, biology, tradition, composition, and types of cacao to work ceremonially. Also, agroecological systems, the impact in the environment and how to source ethically.

Chocolate - Divine Transformation of Your Own Medicine

A dive into the chocolate making process, the differences between commercial or industrial chocolate and handmade or medicinal chocolate. We will share several recipes and ways of working the cacao to prepare your own medicine.

Dosage and Safety

How to share cacao doses responsibly, health suggestions and safety precautions. What to do in case of allergy, over-sensitivity or others.


How to build, use and maintain your altar and the importance of using and working with elements and nature as a sustaining force. How to connect with each elemental spirit within and during the ceremony.

Medicine Songs - The Voice that Heals

All ceremonial and shamanic experiences are held and guided through music, specifically medicine songs. We will look into the types of chants and voice liberation techniques to empower your own expression and find your medicine voice, as well as to channel spiritual energy through it.

Sound Therapy

How to use sound to contain and accompany the process. An elemental approach to creating a sound atmosphere. 

Energetic containment

How to hold, protect and cleanse space for others and for ourselves. Accompanying others through their own process and safety measures prior, during and after the ceremonial work.


Toltekayotl and Lineage

The ancient mexican knowledge that is part of all of its indigenos cultures and cosmovision. How to integrate this ancestral understanding and our own lineage to our ceremonial work, including the ritual for opening and closing space.


Ally plants - Protector Spirits

How other plants play a role in the ceremonial process and how they interact with cacao. When and how these other plants can influence,  intervene and be integrated.



Danzawa - Dance of Internal Waters

Integration process of emotional memories through the activation of the liquid body. Purification of the vessel of the Soul.



Tantra and Duality

Understanding the tantric perspective of duality and how to integrate the polarities in your medicine session.

Finding your Own Medicine

What is YOUR medicine? What unique essence can you share with the world?

Words from Graduates


Ananda Siu Ying, UK

All the ceremonies held during the course were incredibly unconditional and accepting: it encouraged me to be more honest with myself and with others too. It also helped me to be more vulnerable and to understand that this is not a weakness but a strength which needs to be honoured. Each ceremony was varied in its wealth of art, expression and ritual, with the invitation each time to join in or just be held in a space of love and acceptance. So a lot was offered and taught! And both Michelle and Carlos teach by example which is truly heart warming and valuable at this time of many “gurus” and spiritual leaders. I would highly recommend the cacao ceremony facilitation course to any one who would like to open their hearts and to help others to do so as well, with the aid of gentle Mother Earth and Mother Cacao

Maya Scott, UK

“I cannot recommend this course enough. It supported me so much as a facilitator and in holding space for others but I also went on a really powerful journey of self inquiry and healing. Michelle and Carlos are powerful and extremely talented and knowledgable teachers each bringing their own unique dynamic and experience.I will always be grateful for the time I spent learning with and growing from them"

Neil Christey, UK

I’ll begin by saying how much the cacao has helped me grow and expand as a facilitator. I have been able to make a great use of my own creativity in ceremonies using my music and voice as well as movement in a deep and moving way with the others who come to the ceremonies. The service I offer has also come to be more of a held space and. this has made a much more sacred and community space to the events. Cacao has deepened the connection we all have in the sessions and I offer it once a month now in the schedule. I am so grateful to have been greeted and held by the teaching and wisdom passed on by Carlos and Michelle. Thank you so much may the highest being bring you to your ease and peace xxx

Carlos Mundalah

Musician, Producer and SoundHealer.


Biomedical Engineer. Aztec Dancer and Traditional Fireman. Working with cacao since 2009, founded XocOrganic, an organic artisanal chocolate project.


15 years studying and practicing Traditional Mexican Medicine/Shamanism and researching other traditions. Initiated in different meditations (Pragmatic, Ishaya, Vipassana, Tantric, Dynamic and Taoist).


Co-founder of Holistic Center Casa Semilla since 2010. Guiding cacao ceremonies since 2016 in Mexico, India, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Nepal and USA.


Michelle Mayoora

Tantric Yogini, Spiritual Dancer, Reiki Master.

Reiki Master (Japanese and Egyptian), 200 hours certified in SOHA Yoga TT. 60hr The Yoga people Advanced TT. Dancer since she was 9 years old. Sahumadora, woman of fire and water.


Studies in Tantric Philosophy, Hindu Mythology, Contemporary Dance, Aztec Dance, Hindu Dance, Bellydance, Ancestral Elemental Medicine, Tai Chi, Pineal Gland Activation, Angelic Reiki, Ipsalu Kriya Tantra, Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Sacred Sexuality, Thai Massage, among others.

Creator of the methods: Mahadevi Mandala (Being Creativity) and Danzawa (The dance of the internal waters).

Ready for the Journey?

You will need to create an account on this website to be able to access the course =)

In case of payment plan, we will manually enroll you once we receive first payment, so it might take a few hours or days for you to have access to course. You will still need to create an account on this website. **You won't receive an automated email.**

2nd Gen Student Testimonies
More words from our Students

Susan de Almeida, Scotland

Carlos and Michelle are a magical team in their offerings of cacao facilitation. Their joint knowledge of the subject and passion of music and expression have been poured into the preparation of these sessions. The training surpassed my expectations taking us on a journey into vulnerability, opening us up to bearing truth and self expression all within a loving space. I highly recommend this training and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

Junior Valentine, UK

An amazing training with the wondreous Carlos and Michelle. It was just 8 weeks of magical pure bliss. We came together, we sat with each other in emotion and support, growing as community and family. I felt held, seen and support from everybody. 
We learned from history and types of cacao, putting into practice with writing songs which are really in line with our true space and connect with our highest inner healer.
This course is something I can highly highly recommend. Don't hesistate! Definitely do it. I just can't thank you enough for the knowledge you've passed on and that I hope I can pass down in my ceremonies.
Thank you for everything. This course will truely stay with me.

Anniken, Sweden

First of all, thanks so much for the training, it`s been no less than epic! I can`t wait to learn more from you two in one way or another. Also looking forward to meeting you both in person. Here comes my testimonial:

The cacao ceremony training exceeded all my expectations. Michelle & Carlos are quite the magical duo. They held space with openness & vulnerability, and the love they have for cacao & creating community really shines through the whole training. We were a sweet bunch of people in the circle, and even though the training was on ZOOM, the feeling of support was very real. I`m looking forward to train more with them! If you`re curious about cacao, and wanna push your comfort zone, I highly recommend this training! Thank you for sharing your magic. In love, Anniken


  • Dates and Times. How much hours?

All the theory material will be available at all times for you to go through, as well as the recordings of the ceremonies. The 7 live ceremonies will take place weekly on Tuesdays from September 10 until October 22, at 6.30pm UK time. In total, the training lasts around 40 hours.

  • Is there a way to pay in installments? 

​​Yes, we have a 3 month payment installment plan to divide your payment into three parts, each a month.

  • Is it only online?

Due to the world and health crisis, we saw the urgency of more people sharing and receiving the medicine of cacao in a conscious, holistic and authentic way, regardless the distance. Nevertheless, there will be a special experiential retreat in the Mexican jungle and on our land for those who wish to dive deeper into the experience and knowledge of cacao work.

  • What if I can't join a session?

Don't worry, all online sessions will be recorded and shared, and a group for sharing and asking questions will be attended and nurtured constantly. 

  • Is there written material/handouts?

Yes, there is a manual for every lesson, plus the videos and workseets for you to do exercises or practices at home.

  • What do I need to take this training?

We suggest you having a reliable source of cacao, preferably from agroforestry / respectful source. It may be whole beans, nibs, paste, or if not, non-alkalized pure powder. If you cannot get some, we can help you in that process. Other basic and relatively easy ceremonial and cooking needs will be sent after registration (candles, incense, pot, mixer, chilli, herbs, altar cloth, cotton belt, etc).

  • Can I ask for a refund?

Once you have been given access to the online platform and materials, we can't make a refund. If you can't make it this time around, you can join in another round of live training! You are always welcome =)

  • Is there a follow-up/continuity?

Yes! We are a community, and as such, will continue to support you on your journey, as an individual and as a facilitator. You are WELCOME TO ALL FUTURE TRAININGS. A private group is created and constantly nurtured with everything we keep learning. Also, many people ask us for ceremonies worldwide, and it's great to have more and more reliable guides.

Ready for the Journey?

You will need to create an account on this website to be able to access the course =)

In case of payment plan, we will manually enroll you once we receive first payment, so it might take a few hours or days for you to have access to course. You will still need to create an account on this website

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