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Ceremony Facilitation Training
Next live course Feb 7th - March 21st


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An immersive online experience that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to facilitate ceremonies, in a conscious and comprehensive way. We work mainly with Cacao, but you can make your own creation.

Bringing together 20 years of experience between Mayoora and Mundalah (the facilitators of this training) and 7 years of co-directing more than 150 experiences in Mexico and the world, serving more than 2,300 cups of Theobroma cacao.

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7 Live Ceremonies (2 hrs each, once per week).

13+ hours of recorded theory, practice and material.

Manuals for each topic covered. 

Joining community of facilitators around the world.

Medicine Songs recordings.

Medicine Song Book.

Free entrance to all future online Expansivart ceremonies!

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Cacao - The Seed of Love and Connection with Life

Learn about the history, biology, tradition, composition, and types of cacao to work ceremonially. Also, agroecological systems, the impact in the environment and how to source ethically.

Chocolate - Divine Transformation of Your Own Medicine

A dive into the chocolate making process, the differences between commercial or industrial chocolate and handmade or medicinal chocolate. We will share several recipes and ways of working the cacao to prepare your own medicine.

Dosage and Safety

How to share cacao doses responsibly, health suggestions and safety precautions. What to do in case of allergy, over-sensitivity or others.


How to build, use and maintain your altar and the importance of using and working with elements and nature as a sustaining force. How to connect with each elemental spirit within and during the ceremony.

Medicine Songs - The Voice that Heals

All ceremonial and shamanic experiences are held and guided through music, specifically medicine songs. We will look into the types of chants and voice liberation techniques to empower your own expression and find your medicine voice, as well as to channel spiritual energy through it.

Sound Therapy

How to use sound to contain and accompany the process. An elemental approach to creating a sound atmosphere. (85).png
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Energetic containment

How to hold, protect and cleanse space for others and for ourselves. Accompanying others through their own process and safety measures prior, during and after the ceremonial work.


Toltekayotl and Lineage

The ancient mexican knowledge that is part of all of its indigenos cultures and cosmovision. How to integrate this ancestral understanding and our own lineage to our ceremonial work, including the ritual for opening and closing space.


Ally plants - Protector Spirits

How other plants play a role in the ceremonial process and how they interact with cacao. When and how these other plants can influence,  intervene and be integrated.


Danzawa - Dance of Internal Waters

Integration process of emotional memories through the activation of the liquid body. Purification of the vessel of the Soul.


Tantra and Duality

Understanding the tantric perspective of duality and how to integrate the polarities in your medicine session.


Finding your Own Medicine

What is YOUR medicine? What unique essence can you share with the world?