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At your pace - A tu tiempo


Online School

Dancing Mudra Workshop

Initiate on the language of your hands getting to know + than 50 mudra.

Dancing Mudra Workshop
Dancing Mudra Workshop

Horario y ubicación

At your pace - A tu tiempo

Online School

Acerca del evento

"Initiate on the language of your hands”

Dancing Mudra is a fascinating art form that knows and mixes more than 50 symbolic gestures, fusing them into alchemical dances. These dances are harmoniously integrated with mantras, creating a deep spiritual experience. Featuring 12 sequences inspired by Hindu tantric archetypes, each live session is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the richness of tradition and creative expression.

Online School includes:

  • Pre-recorded HD classes
  • 12 original Dancing Mudra sequences
  • Downloadable audios
  • Integration Practices
  • BONUS: Voice Activation Excercises 

Topics of the Dancing Mudra sequences:

  1.  Infinite Possibilities
  2. Inner Strength
  3. Abundance Flow
  4. Radical Transformation
  5. Integration of Duality
  6. Expression in Wisdom
  7. Mystical Devotion
  8. Illusion Unveiled
  9. Romantic Longing
  10. Self-Transcendence
  11. Erotic Spirituality
  12. Expanding Grace

Possible Effects:

  • Develop body memory
  • Ecstatic states of meditation
  • Channel your energy
  • Sense of the energetic body
  • Emotional release
  • Sense of integration
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improved posture and digestion
  • Enter higher states of consciousness


  • Balance elements/emotions
  • Restore the organic flow of your body
  • Create new connections in your brain
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Pain Relief
  • Adjustment of sleep patterns
  • Self-awareness
  • Mind- Body Connection 
  • Artistic Self - Expression

**If a group of at least 3 is interested in diving deeper in a live onlice cycle... 4 zoom classes can be added, in which we attend individual questions and integrate practices that complement the online course. Write to if this possibility interests you. 

Join us in this journey into the power that has always been waiting for you to discover, acknowledge, appreciate, potencialize... in your own hands!

Note: Once you finish your order, we ask you to register at our page, with your email and password of preference. Then, we will give you access to the online course. If you need any guidance with these steps, please write to us


  • Awaken your hands

    Includes unlimited access to online school

    USD 118.00


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